Welcome to the Engineering Connections website!

This website is designed with pre-engineering advisors at liberal arts colleges, as well as undergraduates at liberal arts colleges contemplating careers in engineering, in mind. 

This website is intended to serve as an informational “hub”  as inspired by conversations at a 2016 workshop for pre-engineering advisors supported by the Association for the Advancement of Liberal Arts Colleges and the National Science Foundation. 

On this site, you will find links to a FAQ guide especially prepared for pre-engineering advisors who work in liberal arts college settings, along with links to recent articles on the relationship between engineering and the liberal arts, and to conferences of potential interest.

This website is also intended to help undergraduates at liberal arts colleges, both ones with and ones without formal academic programs in engineering, gain perspective and insight into the advantages a liberal arts college can offer when it comes to pursuing a pathway leading to an engineering career or to a greater understanding of the roles engineering plays in the contemporary world.

How do liberal arts college faculty introduce a broad range of students to engineering at different institutions? See examples here

What are the benefits of intertwining engineering with a liberal arts education? Why not just do a traditional engineering program? Explore the recent research on the need for mixing these disciplines

Browse our collection of answers to frequently asked questions intended to provide guidance to students pursuing this path